"Fatal Promises" @ the European Summer School

19.July 2010

by EISA e:V.

Fatal Promises @ European Summer School Berlin

A Documentary by Kat Rohrer- A close Look at Human Trafficking

at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin.


Info "Fatal Promises":

Human Trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation and harboring of
persons, by means of threat of violence, use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, or the abuse of power for the purpose of sexual exploitation or labor servitude.

Every year, an estimated 800,000 human beings are trafficked across international borders from countries of origin to countries of destination. It is a
multibillion-dollar global criminal enterprise, third in size after drugs and arms

Through personal stories by victims of trafficking, and interviews with politicians,
Non Governmental Organizations (NGO?s) representatives and activists, Fatal
Promises provides an in depth look at the realities of human trafficking suffered by victims and struggled against by NGO?s and activists versus the rhetoric of politicians and pundits who claim to be making significant strides into combating this horrific crime against humanity.

FATAL PROMISES - Narrative Summary
Katja was 18 when her boss in Ukraine approached her about an opportunity to take a summer job as a waitress in the US. Upon arrival, she was taken to the
heartland of America and forced to work as an exotic dancer 16 hours a day; 6 days a week. She was held in an apartment, threatened, raped and beaten, but fortunate to escape alive.
Nadja was 17 years old when a school friend deceived her with the promise of
work in a hotel in Moldova. Instead, she was trafficked into the sex industry, he
papers confiscated, her resistance beaten into submission. She was locked up in apartment and every day she was taken to different places to serve customers Her attempts to escape resulted in more violence abuse. While enslaved she witnessed the murder and rape of others.

Anja was lured to Russia with the promise of seasonal work.  She spent months as a slave worker in an apple orchard. When not working in the field- sometimes barely clothed- she was held prisoner in a camp, raped, witnessed violence to others, and never saw a dime for her work.
Eugene was 18 years old and a student at the naval academy when he signed a bogus contract for work on a fishing boat. He was taken to an unmarked ship off the coast of Japan and together with 30 other men from Ukraine he was held in inhumane conditions without proper food, lodgings and pay. Eugene?s health is damaged for the rest of his life.
Nikolai, a 45-year-old sailor, left his wife and three daughters to take a job on a
crab fishing boat off the coast of Russia as he had done before as a professional sailor. This time though he was held for over four months on an unmarked fishing boat, forced to work 18 hour days, eat crab bait for food, and physically abused. 
He would eventually return to his family without money; a broken, sick and
changed man.

In Fatal Promises, they relive their stories, from their first contact with traffickers, through their ordeal, to their eventual rescue or escape.  They describe how they lived an almost invisible existence in the countries of destination, where they were subjected to rapes or beatings, worked in torturous work conditions, left hungry, lived in constant fear for their 0wn lives or the life of their family members. 
Their stories, along with compelling visuals of the environment in which they live are used as the threads for Fatal Promises. These stories are woven into the
fabric of the film, tying together interviews with government officials, experts and activists, and representatives from NGO?s into a narrative that
illuminates just how differently each side perceives the problem.

Wed., 21. July 2010

2.00 pm @ Audimax

The Director Kat Rohrer was personally present.