FIGHT - fight against human trafficking

FIGHT - Fight Global Human Trafficking

What we want

Combating human trafficking has become an increasingly important political priority.
At European and national level, greater efforts and resources are being devoted to combating this problem, and there is also agreement in the international community on the need for a multilateral response to human trafficking. We founded the FIGHT Global Human Trafficking project to contribute to this effort.

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What we do

  • mapping and evaluating research on human trafficking to the European Union
  • exploring new research fields of human trafficking issues
  • assessing the work of social welfare organisations in the field of human trafficking
  • developing training modules for social welfare organisations
  • developing education and information actions designed to increase awareness
  • establishing an European Network Centre to focus on research and exchange of good practices
  • providing consultancy in the field of combating human trafficking

What we need

We need cooperation partners for our European Network Centre. We established cooperations and contacts to universities, social welfare organisations, NGOs and governmental organisations all over Europe to create an European Network against human trafficking. The centre of information and counselling has the following tasks:

  • initiating and realising scientific studies and projects in the area of human trafficking in co-operation with others partners and actors
  • independent counselling of welfare organisations, NGOs and governmental organisations which are active in the field of combating human trafficking
  • initiating and realising public campaigns in order to raise awareness on the issue of combating trafficking in human beings

If you want to join us or to make a contribution please send us an e-mail to info(at) or use our contact form

Who we are

Prof. Jürgen Nowak
is an emeritus professor of social economy and sociology at the Alice Salomon University Berlin, where he established numerous international research projects. His research interests include migration, human rights, theory of macro sociology, social network analysis, transnationalism and social policy. He is founder and co-chairperson of the FIGHT Global Human Trafficking e.V.
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Virginia Moukouli
is a research analyst and business consultant for the public sector with focus on social policy, demographical change, migration, and education. She has extensive work experience in evaluation projects, international research projects, and project management. Her research interests include migration, human rights, social policy, impact of globalization, and educational policy. She is founder and chairperson of the FIGHT Global Human Trafficking e.V.

Markus Bieker
is an organizational and business consultant in the field of project management, process management, change management, and research management. He worked in various projects in banks, data centres, small and medium sized enterprises and research institutes. His research interests include impact of globalization, global economics, labour exploitation, and international relations. He is founder and treasurer of the FIGHT Global Human Trafficking e.V.