Get international

Berlin is an exciting city in the heart of Europe by different reasons:

  • It is a multicultural society with many ethnic groups: Turks, Arabs, Vietnamese, Russians, citizens from the Balkans etc.,
  • it is a social lab for new ideas and concepts,
  • It is a lab for creative new media and
  • it offers a lot of cultural events day and night

If you come alone, in small or in larger group it does not matter we can offer you a variety of lectures, workshops und visits in the practical fields of the following subjects:

  • Multiethnicity and interculturality as an issue
  • Migration and ethnic conflicts in Europe in the past and still today
  • Social work in Berlin, Germany and in Europe: theory and practise
  • Innovative social (work) projects in Berlin
  • Globalisation, social problems and social policy
  • Creative artists and cultural life in Berlin
  • Social management
  • Social networking
  • Networking in the website

Depending on the program and the number of participants we offer you a price quote.

Please contact info(at), in oreder ot organize something